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Gyrodyne LLC

Gyrodyne's SEC Filings are posted to the table below in descending date order. You may use the drop-down menu to filter the SEC Filings by type. To view a filing, click the appropriate format (PDF or Rich Text Format).

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SEC Filings

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Date Filing Info Download
08/10/22 10-Q Quarterly Report on Form 10Q 10Q_Final_6-30-22.pdf
EX-101.SCH EX-101.SCH.xml
EX-101.CAL EX-101.CAL.xml
EX-101.DEF EX-101.DEF
EX-101.LAB EX-101.LAB.xml
EX-101.PRE EX-101.PRE.xml
05/11/22 10-Q Quarterly Report on Form 10Q 10Q_3-31-22.pdf
EX-101.SCH EX-101.SCH.html
EX-101.CAL EX-101.CAL.xml

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