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CJ Grove
About CJ Grove

The Company has maintained an interest in the Grove, which originally represented a 20% limited partnership interest in the Grove. Based on four subsequent capital raises through 2009, each of which the Company chose not to participate in, the Company’s share was diluted to approximately 9.99% as of December 31, 2010, and has since been diluted to 9.32%. On March 18, 2011, the Grove’s lender, Prudential Industrial Properties, LLC ("Prudential"), commenced a foreclosure action against the Grove by filing a complaint in the Circuit Court of Palm Beach County to foreclose upon the Grove property, alleging that the Grove has defaulted on its loan from Prudential and that the Grove is indebted to Prudential in the amount of over $37 million in principal and over $8 million in interest and fees. On September 19, 2013, the Grove was sold, the foreclosure lawsuit was dismissed and Grove’s debt to Prudential was repaid. The investment is held in a taxable REIT subsidiary of the Company with $0 value and the Company has a $1,315,000 deferred tax liability related to the Grove, which represents taxable losses not yet recorded pursuant to the equity method of accounting. Gyrodyne did not receive any distribution in connection with the sale. Under the agreement with the purchaser, Grove may receive certain additional payments if certain development benchmarks are achieved by the purchaser. Gyrodyne cannot predict whether these benchmarks will be achieved or as to the timing or amount of any further distributions by Grove. Gyrodyne does anticipate it will be required to recognize its deferred tax liability during 2014.